Bleeder Barb Plug for Old Style Intertek LX Pump WUA 56 Frame Replacement Plug Coarse Bleeder Threads

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This Part is an Old Style Barbed Bleeder Plug that fits some 48 or 56 Frame WUA Intertek LX Brand Pump Wet Ends that use coarse thread bleeder plugs be sure to compare your old plugs to the pictures..
 Watch the video for instruction on how to install this part and also how to determine if this is the correct part. It is about 1 7/16" end to end, it measures about 7/16" edge to edge of the threads, it also measures 3/8" on the barb end and recieves a 3/8" ID piece of clear tube....

NOTE: This Face looks a lot like an Aqua-Flo and a CMP Wet End but they do not interchange! 

If you need the fine threaded Bleeder Barb Click this link: Fine Threaded Bleeder Barb

Note: This part Fits Guangdong Chinese LX and LP series Pumps with coarse thread bleeders only... Some Pump Part numbers are as follows: (WUA400-II, WUA400-I)  (LP400) (WP400-II/,400-I), (WUA350-II, WUA350-I)  (LP350) (WP350-II/,350-I), (WUA300-II, WUA300-I)  (LP300) (WP300-II/,300-I), (WUA200-II, WUA200-I)  (LP200) (WP200-II/,200-I)
NOTE: This Part will NOT Fit Sundance® or Jacuzzi® Tubs with a Guangdong LX Wet End with fine threaded bleeder plugs... If you need parts for that style click here Jacuzzi® & Sundance® LX Parts
 Note: We offer parts for this wet end and complete pumps in our store. 
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