(D) Heater Element 5.5kw Gasket Kit Hot Tub Spa Part M7 Balboa Gecko Hydroquip Titanium Silicon Kit (Best Value)

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You are buying a 5.5KW Titanium Heater Element with (2) Heater Union Gaskets and a 1/2Oz Tube of Special Hot Tub Formulated Silicon Sealer to Seal the Threads. This Heater Element features the bend in the back of the element needed to fit the Balboa M-7 heater tubes. This also fits Gecko, ACC, and most other standard 15" Hot Tub Heater Tubes. The list on this Heater is $129.50.

This Gasket measures 2 1/2" center to center on the lip and it fits almost all heater unions...

Note: When testing this heater if it trips the breaker simply unplug it and if the breaker stays on plug back in and if it trips this heater is the cause if it is not a breaker trip issue then measure between the two terminals with an Ohm meter it should measure about 10.5K ohms. If it measures 0K it is open. If it is not tripping the breaker and doesn't measure open then the heater is not bad look for other issues that cause no heat Like a Pressure Switch, Stopped up filter, No water movement, Open circuit on board etc…..

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